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Let us answer all your Mobile auto title loan questions!

Q: What exactly are Alabama Car Title Loans?

A: We provide auto title loans on any vehicle you have the title to and we focus on providing you the best and quickest service. Our vision is to get you your cash just as fast as we could so we strive to approve you fairly quickly. Our motto is Cash in Just 1 Hour in the Lone Star State.

Q: What are your business's business hours?

A: Our business is open to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week the whole year round. We could offer you assistance over the web, over the phone or, should you prefer, you may come to one of our shops and speak with us directly in person. Our company can help you any time, day or night, so be sure you get in touch if we could help you out with a fast cash car title loan.

Q: What is a motor vehicle equity loan? What is an auto title loan? What is a no credit vehicle title loan?

A: With a rapid cash car title loan you are receiving a kind of loan that uses your automobile's title as a form of security for the loan. By making loans this way we know that you want to repay your loan because you have put up the title. This is the quick way to get the cash you want without having to go through plenty of trouble. These kinds of loans can be genuine life savers for most people who need money fast.

Q: What is the procedure for me to get approved for a no credit check car title loan?

A: The simple answer is that you could apply right here on this web site that we provide for your benefit. You might also call us over the telephone and speak to us directly. Or, you may come to any one of our 400 venues and work with a customer support representative to get your loan authorized.

Q: How about if I have bad as well as no credit at all? Can I nevertheless apply even though I went through bankruptcy?

A: You actually can! You don't have to worry if your credit isn't good or even if you don't have any credit whatsoever and a bankruptcy will never stop you from getting a great automobile title loan from us. We will help you figure out the best terms, too. Your credit history does not matter whatsoever with us since our lending is based on the value of your vehicle and not your credit.

Q: How come getting a no credit vehicle title loan by means of your company the best suggestion?

A: Most of our customers pick us for the reason that our interest rates at 8%* are the least expensive in the state of Alabama. Additionally, our competition may wish to charge you 25% or even 30% for the same exact loan therefore you end up paying far more just to get the cash you need right now. Those companies call for 30 to 90 days for full repayment which may be extremely tough on your finances. We provide you with a full 42 months to settle your loan when you come to us for your no credit check auto title loan.

Q: Can I still use my auto after I get my vehicle equity loan?

A: Yes, we would like you to be able to continue using your automobile to drive as you wish. The kind of no credit car title loans we offer are designed to let you keep the car or truck you have and still drive it because that way you'll be able to keep working as well as take care of your loved ones which we know you have to do. We know that you have to be able to earn money to be able to repay your loan and that is what we want you to be able to do.

Q: What am I going to need in order to get an instant money title loan from your company?

A: First off you have to make sure that you own the title of the automobile and there are no liens on it, then you need a driver's license from the State, evidence of insurance for the vehicle, a phone or utility bill with your address on it, an additional set of the auto's keys, two different references, your most recent pay stub and your Social Security Card. That is the full list of all you need.

Q: Would you contact the references I provide you with and my company, as well?

A: We only contact your employer and references to double check the accuracy of the info on your application. We value your privacy and we do not share the nature of the call with anyone so that we can safeguard your personal information. We'd like you to feel safe when you do business with us.

Q: Considering the fact that I'm now pre-approved what happens next?

A: Next comes the part where one of our friendly customer care specialists calls you to work through the rest of your application over the telephone. An underwriter works with us and personally evaluates your loan application to offer the best vehicle title loan choice.

Q: How do I start getting my money once I am fully approved?

A: You could come to any of our 400 venues in the state of Alabama to pick up your cash. You could also choose to have us send the money in an electronic fund transfer and deposit it directly into your bank account. You can select the way you want to receive your money and we're happy to do it the way you want it.

Q: What if I want to repay my fast money vehicle title loan in less than 42 months?

A: We let you pay your loan at as fast of a rate as you would like to pay it off. We don't ask you for a fee for paying it faster like most companies often do. You deserve to pay off your loan faster if you want while not having to pay anyone for the privilege.

Q: What do I need to do to pay my instant car title loan payments?

A: You can use a money order, a certified check, or a debit card from VISA or MasterCard.

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